ООО «Правовые инновации»

Юридическая компания


Specialists of legal innovations have a wide competence in bankruptcy cases not in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as cooperate on a permanent basis with well-known arbitration managers and the best specialists in cross-border bankruptcy. and bankruptcy cases in foreign jurisdictions.

We can offer full support of the bankruptcy procedure of your company or the company-your debtor.

Our opportunities for bankrupted Company: Risk assessment for the company, for its management and beneficiaries (including risks of bringing to subsidiary responsibility) in the introduction of bankruptcy procedure, development of a strategy and plan of bankruptcy procedure, Assistance in choosing an arbitration manager, protection from unfair creditors, challenging transactions, including unfair transactions of the debtor's management, protection against illegal actions of the arbitration manager appointed on the initiative Creditors.

Our opportunities for creditors: legal and economic analysis of the bankruptcy procedure initiated by your debtor, inclusion in the register of creditors, disputes with other creditors, change of unfair arbitration manager, imposing penalties on Pledged property, sale (and possible purchase from bidding) of pledged property and other assets of the debtor, purchase or sale of claims to bankruptcy.

Our Practice:

Representation of the interests of the foreign creditor in the case of bankruptcy of the Russian legal entity-inclusion in the register of creditors, objections to the inclusion of other creditors, support of the bankruptcy procedure.

Participation in the bankruptcy of a large seaport on the creditor's side-have achieved a change of the arbitration manager, did not allow the inclusion in the register of fictitious debt Affilirovnnogo with the debtor creditor, have achieved inclusion in the Register of claims of the creditor.

Challenging of suspicious transactions islamically by the bank's management in the threshold of the rehabilitation procedure.